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Organic Chemistry Guide to Molecules PDF Author: Mateusz Woźny
ISBN: 9781479373864
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Languages : en
Pages : 214

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Book Description
Organic Chemistry Guide is a concise, yet comprehensive book, which helps you to understand the course and grasp the big picture. The principles are introduced in an easy-to-follow manner, while nearly 200 figures help you on the way to success. More than 600 problems with solutions makes learning efficient, and develops practical skills to tinker with organic molecules and reactions. The book is addressed to students of chemistry, biology and medicine, as well as to the self-taught science enthusiasts. Join the fellowship of the rings and chains with Organic Chemistry Guide. Part I - structure of molecules, bond-line drawings and isomers. Part II - organic nomenclature, functional groups and classes of compounds, systematic names and IUPAC rules, naming molecules, and drawing molecules from names. Part III - stereochemistry, geometry of molecules, conformations, Newman projections, cyclohexane chair and ring flipping. Part IV - stereoisomers, rules of priority, E/Z and cis/trans isomers, asymmetric carbon atom and R/S configurations, wedge and dash bonds, chirality and optical activity, enantiomers and diastereoisomers. Part V - formal charges, partial charges, delocalization and resonance, drawing resonance structures, inductive effect, electron donating and withdrawing groups. Part VI - acidic and basic nature of organic molecules, position of equilibrium and acid-base reactions.